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For The Youth

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Narrated by ibn Abbas: Allah's Apostle said,

"Take advantage of five matters before five other matters: your youth before you become old; and your health before you fall sick; and your richness before you become poor; and your free time before you become busy; and your life before your death."

[Musnad Imam Ahmad]

The Strangers

Shaykh Ibrahim (www.dremali.com) graduated from Al-Azhar High School then pursued his education at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Geology and continued towards a Masters Degree and PhD in Sharia (Islamic Law) with a specialization in Fiqh (Jurisprudence). He came to the United States in 1989 and since then has been active in dawah.

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A Message To Every Youth

Author: Abdullah Azzam | Pages: 28 | Size: 1 MB

In his book ‘al-Fawā’id,’ he said:
“There are ten useless matters that cannot be benefited from:
• Knowledge that is not implemented
• An action that is empty of sincerity, and is not based on the correct example
• Wealth that is hoarded, as the owner neither enjoys it during this life, nor obtains any reward for it in the Hereafter
• The heart that is empty of love and longing for Allāh, and of seeking closeness to Him
• A body that does not obey and serve Allāh
• Loving Allāh without seeking His pleasure
• Time that is not spent in expiating sins or seizing opportunities to perform deeds of righteousness that will bring one closer to Allāh
• A mind that thinks about issues which bring about no benefit
• Serving those who neither bring you close to Allāh or benefit you in your life
• Hoping and fearing one who is under the authority of Allāh, and whose forehead is in His Hand, while he cannot bring any benefit, harm, life, death, or resurrection to himself.
However, the greatest of these matters is the wasting of the heart, and the wasting of time. Wasting the heart is done by preferring this worldly life over the Hereafter, and wasting time is done by having incessant hopes. All evil is in following one’s desires and having incessant hopes, while all goodness is found in following the right path and preparing oneself to meet Allāh, and Allāh is the source of Assistance.”

Here, he summarized all evil in these two issues: wasting of the heart, and wasting of time. Wasting the heart is done by preferring this worldly life over the Hereafter, and wasting time is done by having incessant hopes, and incessant hopes and the following of one’s desires are the ultimate manifestation of evil.

Youth's Problems

Author: Ibn Saalih al-Uthaymeen | Pages: 57 | Size: 1 MB

In this unique and lucid booklet and revered contemporary scholar, Shaykh Muhammad al-'uthamyeen addresses some of the ideological and sociological challenges faced by modern youth. Starting with an astute description of the state of contemporary young adults, he outlines major issues hindering their progress on the straight path of Islam. He not only covers current issues such as joblessness, estrangement between the young and their elders, and keeping good company but also discusses subjects predestination and the limits Islam places on individuals. In all instances al-'uthamyeen draws on the Quran and the authentic Sunnah to offer tangible solutions and to inspire the hearts of young people. The simplicity and straight forwardness of this work make even complicated issues easy to grasp. The wise advice the author offers is not only well presented but practical and compassionate. This book will benefit not only the young of the society but their parents and educators as well.

The Music Made Me Do It

Author: Dr. Gohar Mushtaq | Pages: 250

Is the issue of music a controversial one in Islam? With the prevalence of computers and various electronic devices today, music and singing seem to be everywhere, and contemporary Muslims may be confused about their status in Islamic teachings. The Music Made Me Do It: An In-Depth Study of Music through Islam and Science examines this topic in light of authentic Islamic sources, in order to clarify the prohibitions and allowances regarding music and singing. In addition, the author describes the social, psychological and physical effects of music on individuals, citing well-documented contemporary research in the fields of medical and behavioral sciences. The interweaving of the two perspectives makes this book a valuable asset for anyone interested in exploring this pertinent Islamic issue.

Having Fun The Halal Way

Author: Abu Muawiyah Ismail Kamdar | Pages: 116

With the advent of technology, the entertainment industry has flourished and become immensely popular. Combine this with the exponential advances in technology, and the result is an increasing number of ways to amuse ourselves. As a result of such advances, Muslim react in a variety of manners towards entertainment. Some label entertainment as completely forbidden. This sometimes includes parents who say no to almost everything that their young ones deem to be ‘fun’, without providing them with suitable alternatives. Others, who do not want to take this extreme approach, fall into the trap of excessive use of – and even addiction to – various sources of entertainment, without any limits. In Having Fun the Halal Way, Ismail Kamdar explores the teachings of Islam regarding entertainment. Drawing upon the Quran, the Sunnah and the understanding of the righteous scholars of Islam, he provides a detailed and balanced analysis of the topic. He not only explains the detriments of the current entertainment industry, but also suggests alternative means to have a good time with friends and family members.

From the Root to the Fruit

A lecture in which Shaykh Khalid Yasin focuses primarily on the youth, taking them back to the heart of Islam believing in the oneness of God and fearing Him wherever they may be. Khalid Yasin also advises the youth on ways to improve themselves and possibly become the soldiers of Islam.

Thugz or Mugz : The Reality of the Gangsta Lifestyle

By Murtaza Khan. We need to face facts: Muslim involvement in drugs and the gangster lifestyle is increasing at an alarming rate in the West. Muslims are now heavily involved with the planting, harvesting, refinement, smuggling, and distribution of drugs within our communities. Rather than taking the Prophets and Companions as heroes, our youth look up to the drug traffikers and rap artists. In this lecture the speaker addresses some of the common problems that are prevalent in our communities such as drugs, guns and Rap music. One must always remember that being a practicing Muslim is not restricted to praying, fasting and going for Hajj. Rather, Islam is a complete way of life and has injunctions with regards to business, trade, marriage, divorce, inheritance and so on. Hence, one cannot be termed a practicing Muslim if one’s earnings are through unlawful means

The Forbidden Gaze

By Sheikh Feiz. The forbidden gaze... What exactly is the forbidden gaze? What is permitted in regards to looking, interacting and speaking with the opposite sex? In society today there is much confusion clouting this topic, and many are heedless to the affects and consequences of these acts, adopting a very western secular position to what is actually disallowed in Islam.

In this series Sheikh Feiz explores and clarifies what is allowed pertaining to the interaction of men and women and what is disallowed.

Youth Under the Shade of the Quran

-The story of the youth of the cave -Youth around the Prophet sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam: Safi Khan with his unique style of presentation that is at once dynamic and current, spiritual and majestic discusses the challenges of Muslim youth today, offering practical solutions to common problems. While drawing strength from the Muslim youth of early generations as strong role models for us today. A captivating, moving delivery that is sure to awaken the spirit of every believer.

Thugs In The Masjid

A truly inspiring talk, taking a look into young Muslims who glorify thug mentality, gang culture and also the dangers they are leading themselves into. Timely and straight to the point, Imam Abdul Malik relates the problems of its evils by sharing his own experience of being a young thug as well as exploring rap music and its stars who have had a big impact on society, ultimately on the Muslim youth.

When Will You Submit

If you have not submitted to the power and authority of Allah’s rule already, then when? This talk asks those Muslims who do not fear the consequences of their actions, the grave end that will take hold of them, for missing Salah and other necessary obligations in order to taste the pleasures of this temporary life. What happens if Allah causes you never to turn to Him, when your “forty years old” or when you “become rich and successful”, we are urged to reflect and respond to the question, “when will you submit?”


Abul Layth Saad Tasleem. Speaking out to the new generation of Muslims and those who will be carrying the “weight of the Muslim Ummah…” the speaker discusses controversial issues facing them. This personal and open talk also reaches out to this new generation in a way not done before. To understand exactly how this talk can change the way one “views the world” you have to pop it in to the CD player and just listen! Emphasis is on secularism.

The Dilemma of the Youth

By Abdullah Hakim Quick. A common question the speaker is asked whilst on his travels is: What is the answer for the youth to keep them upon the correct path? How detrimental is the predicament of the youth today? The speaker shares with the listener various real-life examples of the diseased situations hurting the young Muslim community. This presentation can also be a tool in assessing what the current condition of the ummah’s youth is.

Darkness To Light

Lectures For Youth

The Evil Of Hiphop Culture

Abu Shahadah takes a look into young Muslims who glorify thug mentality, gang culture and also the dangers they are leading themselves into as well as exploring rap music and its stars who have had a big impact on society, ultimately on the Muslim youth.

Gangsters & Thugs

Abu Shahadah discusses the problems Muslim Youth face living in the West and trying to live the life of a thug. This thug life which stems from ignorance, can be seen present in young muslims. What is the consequences of this life? and where does this belong in islam? A very direct and powerful speech

20 Exam Tips for Students

The Muslim student puts his trust in Allaah when facing the tests of this world, and he seeks His help whilst following the prescribed means, in accordance with the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “The strong believer is better and is more beloved to Allaah than the weak believer, although both are good. Strive to attain that which will benefit you and seek the help of Allaah, and do not feel helpless.” (Saheeh Muslim, hadeeth no. 2664)

Intermixing Between the Sexes

What exactly is the forbidden gaze? What is permitted in regards to looking, interacting and speaking with the opposite sex? In society today there is much confusion clouting this topic, and many are heedless to the affects and consequences of these acts, adopting a very western secular position to what is actually disallowed in Islam.

Featured Articles

They were youths, yet mature youths.

"...They were youths, yet mature youths, their eyes fresh and free of evil, their feet refrained from approaching falsehood and futility.

They sacrificed and expended themselves in worship and in withholding themselves from sleep. They sold their souls which were to pass away for souls which would never die.

Allaah saw them in the latter part of the night, bending their backs, reciting the Qur'aan. Whenever one of them came to an Aayah mentioning Paradise, he would weep, longing for it. Whenever he came upon an Aayah mentioning the fire he would groan out of fear, as if the Hell-fire were directly in front of him.

The earth devoured their knees their hands and their foreheads (out of their constant prostration). They joined exhaustion in the night with exhaustion in the day. Their colour becoming yellowed and their bodies emaciated through standing long in prayer and frequent fasting - whilst they regarded their own actions to be negligible before Allaah.

They fulfilled their covenant with Allaah and attained Allaah's promise."

So let us hasten to be like them and to resemble them, since, as it was said: We are not in comparison to those who came before except like small herbs growing beside the trunks of tall palm trees.

And as 'Abdullaah Ibn al-Mubaarak said: Do not mention us whilst mentioning them, the fit and healthy when he walks is not like the crippled.

'Ali at-Tamimi: "The Zeal to Guide Vs. the Zeal to Judge"

From the lecture by 'Ali at-Tamimi, titled 'Intellection Confusion of the Muslim Youth':

"The fourth cause which leads to intellectual confusion amongst the youth is the lack of zeal to order, to guide the people. In other words, instead of being zealous for the guidance of people, often, the youth were zealous for judging the people, zealous for passing out judgements: 'Well, he's astray, and he's on the guidance, and he's, well, he's OK, but he's not quite there, and this one is 10%, and this one, OK, he's 13.2%,' and so forth, and so on.

This is not the way of Allah's Prophet. This is not the way of the Prophet's Companions. Rather, they used to seek to guide the people, and Allah Said to the Prophet, in order to console him: {"...So, do not ruin yourself out of sadness for them..."} [Fatir; 8] See, the Prophet would be so sad when the people wouldn't accept the message, it used to affect him physically. So, Allah Tells him: "Do not allow yourself to be in such a state, that you are almost losing yourself out of sadness because they are not guided."

This is how the Prophet was.

Unfortunately, some of the youth take pleasure, they take glee; it's almost as if it gives them some sort of energy, some sort of, you know, happiness that they can judge somebody, and say: 'OK, you're a person of bid'ah,' 'OK, he's astray.' But, if they knew what they were saying, and if they realized the seriousness of the word, first of all, they wouldn't be so quick to judge. And second of all, even if they were correct in their judgement, they should be taken with sadness, because if that man is astray - if that person is truly a person of heresy - then, he is facing a very deadly doom in the Hereafter, and one should be saddened in wanting to guide him, not happy to see him in that state."

Listen (39:40 thru 41:40)

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