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In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Urdu Nasheed Collection

2 years In Pre-Production, These Nasheeds Have Been Digitally Remastered. Further Comments: Since 1947, Kashmir has been under Indian occupation. This has resulted in the most brutal conditions under which Kashmiri Muslims have lived. Barbaric acts of savagery and murder are a norm in these valley's 'Urdu Nasheed Collection' seeks to preserve the nasheeds and poems that have resulted from these oppressive conditions

Urdu Collection CD 1

Urdu Collection CD 2

Urdu Collection CD 3

Urdu Collection CD 4

Iraq Nasheed Collection

Iraq Nasheed Collection is an instant classic comprising of 4 CDs of the best nasheeds about Iraq available

CD1 - Ardh Al Malahim

CD2 - Ardh Ul Izzah

CD3 - Bilaad Ur Raafidhayn

CD4 - Unknown Album

Palestinian Nasheed Collection

A collection of the best Palestinian Nasheeds available. O Martyrs of Palestine While we shed tears in the worship of Allah, you shed blood, In life, tyranny and oppression is what you suffered, In Jannah, suffer you shall not, For Gardens of eternal pleasure await you.

The enemies of the believers may wish to change this struggle into an economic, political or racial struggle so that the believers become confused concerning the true nature of the struggle and (hope) the flame of Imaan (faith) in the hearts become extinguished. The Believers must not be decieved and must understand that this is a trick.

The enemy, by changing the nature of the struggle, intends to deprive them of their weapons of true victory - victory which may take any form:

* Be it the victory of the freedom of spirit, as was the case of the Believers in Surah al-Buruj (Makers of the Pit) * Or dominance in the world as a consequence of the freedom of spirit, as happened in the case of the first generation of Muslims.' Syed Qutb (in his magnum opus - Milestones)

CD 1 - Lions Of Palestine

CD 2 - Masjid Al-Aqsa

CD 3 - Living Martyrs

CD 4 - Palestinian Revolution

Nasheed Collection

No Beats Necessary - Open Your Eyes

Takbir Productions in conjunction with nbn (nobeatsnecessary) are excited to announce the release of the newly produced album 'Open Your Eyes'. The album launched on the 21st of March at the Annual Australian Islamic Conference, organized by Mercy Mission. The album features eight digitally mastered music/beat-free tracks promoting Islamic themes. Titles included on the album are: “Sent To Mankind”, “How Can You Deny?”, “Hypocritical”, “Mother”, “Wake Up”, “Hold On”, “When You Pray”, “Sinful Slave”

Allah Knows | Zain Bhikha

A CD for the young (and the young at heart). 'Allah Knows' features the musical talents of Dawud Wharnsby Ali, Abdul-Malik Ahmad and Rashid Bhikha, in addition to introducing Naadira Alli and the young Muhammad Bhikha who makes his first recording debut on this album.

1415 The Beginning | Zain Bhikha

1415 The Beginning pays true homage to when Zain Bhikha began recording in 1994/1415 AH. 2009 marks fifteen years since he officially released his first independent debut album “A Way of Life”. The release of 1415 pays tribute to his beginnings with 12 emotionally driven tracks including ‘Mum and Dad’


Ahmed Bukhatir was born in Sharjah in the UAE, where he still lives. He graduated in 1999 from Al-Ain University achieving a bachelor degree in Management Information Systems.

Ahmad Bukhatir started singing in 1989 and his albums reached a wide fan base within a short period of time. His first solo album was released in November 2001 and since then he has built on his success through various concerts and festivals.

Ahmed Bukhatir is hugely popular in the Gulf area and the Arab world. Ahmed seeks to spread Islamic thoughts to the entire world through his performance of nasheeds, producing a unique blend of words and melody.




Uthman bin Affan: The Third Caliph of Islam

By Bilal Abdul-Kareem. Uthman bin Affan was one of the early men who accepted Islam in Makkah. From the first moment he became a Muslim, he put all his wealth under the service of Islam. He spent most of his resources to satisfy the needs of poor Muslims. Recognizing his generosity and devotion to Islam, the Prophet (pbuh) told him that his place would be in Paradise on the Hereafter. He married Ruqayah (pbuh), the Prophet's daughter. After she died, he married her sister Um Kulthum for that, the people at that time called him Dhun Nurain, "The Man with the Two Lights."

Bilal bin Rabah: The Mu'adhdhin (Caller to Prayer)

By Bilal Abdul-Kareem. A few people stand in the face of tyranny with endurance when they believe in the true and eternal message of Islam. This book sheds light on the life and struggle of the greatest example of endurance. Bilal bin Rabah whom Islam changed from a weak slave to a great hero, stood firm in the face of oppression and hence taught generations to come how a Muslim should act when his Faith is challenged. He was the only Mu'adhdhin (caller to prayer) during the lifetime of the Prophet*. His emblem all his life was `Allah is One, Alldh is One.'

The Alim 6.0

The Alim is a unique and exciting educational software product that makes learning about Islam fun and interesting for the whole family! Experience the wonder of the Quran and Hadith without spending hours poring through thousands of pages in dozens of books. Quickly go to any book, any subject, any page in seconds and with only a few mouse clicks. Search for any word, phrase, person, hadith narrator, subject, or idea and acquire Islamic knowledge easily. The Alim is an indispensable tool that no Muslim family should be without.

Instructions to download: This program is a nrg file so once downloaded you will need to burn it on cd as an image using Nero and then install it on your computer with the cd. (Caution, this program is 16-bit and will not work on a 64-bit operating system. It will burn to disc but be uninstallable)


If the enemy captures a single Muslim, it becomes wajib (obligatory) on every one who has the ability, to rush to their rescue (even without seeking anyone’s permission). It is apparent that it is compulsory on everyone, similar to the situation where the enemy invades our land. Moreover, saving our brothers is of a higher priority, as the sanctity of a Muslim is greater (than the sanctity of a State). - Ibn Hajar Al-Haithami Rahimahullah

Let us learn a lesson from the buffaloes.

Benefit of the Day Magazine

And ‘Abdullah bin al-Mubarak recorded in az-Zuhd [p. 51] that al-Hassan al-Basri said, "I saw those people [the salaf] and how they were more careful about their time than about their Dirhams and Dinars [i.e. their money].”

So we Muslims live in an age where our time is discarded thoughtlessly, when time is, in fact, the currency with which we buy safety and bliss in the Hereafter. We, the sisters of Dar at-Tibyan, in the effort to benefit from our time, increase our good deeds, and recommend one another to the Truth and to patience, present our brothers and sisters in Islam with a book of short, beneficial lessons and reminders – one for each day in the month - which we hope will add to your knowledge, help you use some of your free time beneficially, and assist you in your accumulation of good deeds. We ask Allah to accept this effort from us, to bless it, and to allow us to continue in what is pleasing to Him, Amin.

Taken From Benefit Of The Day

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