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Tuhfat al-Mujahidin

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Tuhfat al-Mujahidin: A Historical Epic of the Sixteenth Century. Shaykh Zainuddin Makhdum

Tuhfat Al Muahidin Fi Ba'd akhbar al Burtughaliyyin - Tribute to the Holy Worriors in respect of a brief account of the Portuguese First written in Arabic in the late sixteenth century, Tuhfat al-Mujahidin is a pioneering historical work dealing with the struggles of the Malabar Muslims in southern India against the Portuguese colonisersí encroachment in India, and the rise of Malabar as a medieval naval force under the Zamorin of Calicut. Based on the authorís own first hand information of events and what he could gather from reliable sources, it was written to motivate Muslims for the struggle against the invading Portuguese. Thus the republication of this anti-colonial manifesto could not have been more timely at a time when Muslims continue to be the only obstacle to the Western imperialistic ambitions. This translation of the Tuhfat is extensively annotated with more than 200 notes explaining local backgrounds and clearly identifying the names mentioned in the original Arabic work. The Tuhfat is compulsory reading for anybody trying to learn about post-Cordova episodes of Muslim history.

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