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The Blaze

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

by Shaykh Naasir bin Hamad al-Fahd

The Shaykh crossed his legs, tidied his 'amaamah and turned to those around him from his students, who sat as though the birds were above their heads, and said:

"Where did we reach in yesterday's lesson, son?"

"We reached the statement of the author: 'And the jamaa'ah is what agrees with the truth, even if you are alone'"

"Yes, yes, and I said to you: That the truth is what our blessed jamaa'ah is upon, and whoever differs with us, then he has left the jamaa'ah, and has innovated in the religion, and has gone against the path of the believers, and ..."


They heard a strong knock on the door...

The Shaykh paused his speech, and turned to one of the students who went to the door and opened it...

And there, was a man, shaggy headed, with a black face, calling out loud:

"O Shaykh...O Shaykh....The house of 'Aadil is burning..."

To which the Shaykh turned to the source of the sound, whilst sitting, and said:

"What has that to do with me?"

"We want you, and your students to help us..."

"And do you want me to rectify what was corrupted by 'Aadil due to his carelessness?"

"O Shaykh, the house is filled with the women and children!"

"He's the reason, this is a result of his carelessness"...

He indicated to the person who had opened the door, and he shut it in his face, the person sat down, and the Shaykh carried on with his lesson and said:

"And know, my sons, that whoever speaks about our jamaa'ah is a misguided man, innovator, khabeeth"

So one of the students asked him:

"Even if he is from Ahl as-Sunnah?"

"How could that be so? Have you not understood until now? How can anyone who speaks about our jamaa'ah be from Ahl as-Sunnah? He is an innovator, infact he is worse then the people of innovations because he does talbees on the people most of...."

His speech was interrupted again due to a knock that was louder than the one before...

One of them opened the door, to which the same man from before appeared:

"O Shaykh....the fire has reached the house of Saalih"

"Saalih...Do you mean that innovator?"

"O Shaykh....rush to rescuing those who are in his home, then advise him"

The Shaykh signaled and said:

"This is a swift punishment from Allah for this innovator"

He signaled to whoever had opened the door, and he closed it.

The Shaykh carried on saying:

"Look at the swift punishment Allah gave this khabeeth innovator, for he is from those who are hiding in the cloak of Ahl as-Sunnah, but Allah uncovered his curtains when he began speaking about our blessed jamaa'ah, and Allah increased him in punishment, as a result his house was burnt!"

One of his students said:

"O Shaykh...but I know Saalih....and had not seen any innovations from him!"

"This is because you have not become well acquanited with the knowledge of Jarh and ta'deel yet, and this is what makes me say to you: That the one hiding behind the Sunnah is more dangerous than the innovator who openly announces his innovation; that man, I had seen him many times in the masjid, he doesn't turn towards me, or greet me and avoids me"

"Is that an innovation?"

"Yes, yes, had he been from our blessed jamaa'ah he would have greeted us!"

He interrupted his speech for a third time, when the door was opened, the same man appeared and cried:

"O Shaykh...the fire has reached the masjid"

The Shaykh turned to him and said:

"I presumed that will happen, because the masjid did not protect itself from having innovators pray in it, and you have bothered us too much man, so don't come to us again"

"O Shaykh...the masjid!"

"Even if it is a masjid....The reason for all this is 'Aadil, and he is the one responsible"

He signaled to the one who opened the door, and he closed it.

The Shaykh carried on:

"Look at the evil of the people of innovation, laa hawla wala quwata illa billah...even the masjid wasn't protected (from it)"

"O Shaykh...Why don't we help them to stop the fire in the masjid?"

The Shaykh cleared his throat and said:

"My son....those who believe in shutting out the fire are a mixture of people, some of them innovators, some of them fusaaq, and our jamaa'ah is free from them, and if we were to help them, some evil would happen to us."

He turned to one of his students and said,

"Read, baarakallahu feek"

And just before he read...A loud noise frightened them...

So all of them rushed - including their Shaykh - to the door...

And they didn't open it and run out...

Until they saw the walls of their house had collapsed infront of their eyes...

And the fire was spreading from it in every direction...

[Written 2nd Thul-'Aqdah 1422]

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