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Ranks Of The Fearful

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

This book is a translation of 'Al-Khawf Haqiqatihi Wa Bayan Darajatihi'

Allah, the Most High, has praised those who possess the attribute of a heightened sense of fear Saying,

"And such (are the believers) who are humbled by the fear of their Lord..." (Al-Muminun, 57)

And He also Said:

"... fear Me alone, if you are believers." (Ali' Imran, 175)

The element of fear exists within mankind in varying degrees. When the fear of Allah is established in the hearts, it eliminates wrongdoing and attachment to worldly desires. It is alight that navigates a person through sin and temptation, and when this fear is removed, it easily leads them astray - for surely true and praiseworthy fear is being vigilant from transgressing the limits of Allah. Yet when fear exceeds its proper boundary, it gives rise to hopelessness and despair, which is equally blameworthy.

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