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Islamic Jurisprudence Concerning Muslim Women (3 Volumes)

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Dear Muslim sister, it is my sincere intention to present you with a comprehensive book that addresses those matters of your life and religion that are essential in facilitating your role as a mother, teacher and nurturer. I have collected, in this work, the views of great scholars (and imams) who have preceded us in their knowledge, laborious endeavors, and virtue.

This book has two very important and distinct qualities:

Easy to read, succinct and direct The ‘question and answer’ layout of the book is intended to facilitate effortless comprehensibility and swift memorization. I endeavored to cover all topics deemed necessary (by woman) whilst also recording all that is useful and comprehensive.

The general content of the book are:

An introduction to the status of women in Islam Book of Islamic creed and related matters such as Islamic monotheism, faith, topics relating to death, the resurrection, and entrance into Paradise or Hell Book of Purification Book of Ritual Prayer Book of Charity Book of Fasting Book of Pilgrimage Book of Oaths and Vows, Slaughtering, Hunting Islamic rulings on family matters Book of Transactions Book of Etiquette and conduct Book of Battles and Uprisings And many more

It is view of the ‘question and answers’ format that I have concluded this encyclopedia to ba easy to read and comprehensive, hoping that it will enable the Muslim woman to be well informed about matters concerning her religion which will in turn strengthen her faith as well as confidence in herself.

Courtesy of Sunni Connect

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