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The Fitnah Of The Dajjal And Gog And Magog

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Imam as-Sa'di said: The fact that the time in which he will come is unknown indicates that no believer can guarantee safety for himsel from encountering that time. This is an affair which is possible, and its evil and fitnah are to be feared. The need of the slave for having protection from his fitnah by all means is something known. And from the greatest means is seeking refuge with Allah from him. Also, this is through supplication and fearing his fitnah. Thus, it is inevitable that one does so in all levels of his ummah. This is a firmly placed 'aqidah, to the point that if it occured and its occurrence is actualized, then this ummah-specifically those who have a connection to the correct and sound belief system-will be able to defend itself from this evil and be protected from his fitnah. In contrast, if the fear of him were to be removed from the hearts, then the fitnah would be increased when that time comes. And the believers would have no tangible iman to eradicate his fitnah and evil.


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