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A New Year: Reality and Aspirations

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

It is 1430 Hijri. Our good deeds, our sins, and the thoughts that passed through our minds in the passed year are all sealed in our books of deeds for us to read when we meet our Lord. This moment is a chance for us to plan for the next year. To plan to be a better Muslim.

We are living in special, dangerous and trialing times. The youth of the ummah need to rise to the occasion. There is a saying: “The problems of today were caused by our fathers and will be solved by our children.” This saying represents the ultimate level of lack of responsibility. Sadly enough we are reflecting such a mentality in our actions and words. But let us change that. Let us say that the problems of today are because of us and we are the ones who will change them insha Allah.

So here is where our world stands today. Its realities and our aspirations:

Palestine: Gaza is suffering its worst bombardment in recent history. Yes, the Israeli’s may have the upper hand in the conflict today but lets not lose sight of the whole picture. Do you remember that until some years ago the Jews where still talking about a kingdom extending from the Nile to the Euphrates? Where did all of that talk go? Today they are happy to build a wall around themselves in a strip of land so small it could fit in the state of Florida seven times. They want to be left alone. Their foolish imperialistic wishes are gone forever. The resistance of the Palestinian people has brought them down from their dream world back to reality.

There was a time when we were being fed conspiracy theories of the invincible Jew. We were being told that the Jew controls everything through secret orders. The Freemasons were everywhere, in government, in media, in business, everywhere. We were told that the Mossad knew everything. We were told that we are a helpless, weak, and defeated people so we might as well just give it up and submit. We were being told that their technologies are so advanced and we are so backward that we have no chance of resisting. Today Palestine is suffering, but their youth have proven the conspiracy theories wrong. They have showed us that the stone is mightier than the tank. They have shown us that we do not need to be equal to them in technology before we resist them. They have proven to us that if Allah is with you no one can defeat you.

I am not dismissing the theories of Jewish domination altogether because the Jews have been for the last few centuries working their way up. But their centuries of hard, and relentless work; their lobbying for control around the world, their wealth and genius, their advanced weaponry, their secret orders, and their worldwide power will be smashed on the rock of Jihad. Allah says: “Whoever Allah humiliates no one can honor.” The Jews will be humiliated and no one, not the US, not Europe, no one can protect them from the Muslim swords when even the rocks and trees will testify against them. That day is coming.

Iraq: The US has come to the conclusion that they cannot do the job alone and they must seek the assistance of the munafiqeen (hypocrites.) With all of the outside and inside forces combining efforts to fight the carriers of the truth in Iraq our brothers do not need to win in order to be victorious. All what they need to do is hang on. If they succeed in that they are winning. The invader cannot stay there forever. Allah know best but it seems that outside circumstances around the world may ultimately come to their relief.

Somalia: This must be the best news of the year. Al-Shabab are wining on all fronts. Insha Allah we should witness the announcement of the establishment of an Islamic emirate. Ethiopia is tired of fighting a proxy war on behalf of America. They want to be paid for it and apparently they are squabbling over the wages. But that should not imply that the Shabab are now safe. I am sure the Shabab know that they should not be carried away by the momentary victory they are witnessing because the plots of the enemies of Allah are already underway. When the Muslims were proud of their numbers in Hunayn they lost. The sea around Somalia is aleady occupied under the pretext of protection from piracy. This year could witness aerial bombardment with a renewed ground force invasion as a possibility. Al Shabab are now faced with the daunting task of establishing and running a government. However, their special circumstances demand that they focus the majority of their effort not on the establishment of government but on the preparation for the next stage of their guerilla warfare. Allah says: “And prepare against them whatever you are able of power.”

Afghanistan: The mujahideen are winning, NATO are loosing, and Karazai is still wearing that green thing. Obama is all hyped up about bringing an end to terrorism by focusing on Afghanistan. I pray the brothers teach him and his forces some good lessons this year.

Around the world: The separation of believers from hypocrites which precedes any Muslim victory is underway. The phenomenon of “RAND Muslims” is on the rise . But on the other hand, the Muslims who hold firm to tawhid and have their loyalty to Allah, His Messenger and the believers and who announce their disavowal of the disbelievers are also on the rise.

Dawa will carry on, tarbiyyah will carry on ,and Jihad will carry on. And all of these are building stones for the ummah in its next stage. If Allah wants an end he prepares the means to it. Allah wants victory for this ummah and Allah is preparing the means for that. Let is not sit on the sidelines. Lets be part of that victory.

Courtesy of Anwar al Awlaki . Com


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