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A Verdict Regarding the Saudi Regime

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Fatwa Regarding the Saudi Regime
Shaykh Abu Baseer Mustafa Haleemah


I think it is not hidden from the likes of you what has happened and is now happening in the Arabian Peninsula under the Saudi rule... If you would may Allah preserve you direct the youths to what is obligatory for them to do, especially since the government has begun to target the people of Iman and Jihad, either by imprisoning them or killing them, and what happened to Shaykh Yusuf al-'Uyayri is not far from us... So groups of the youths have now decided to take revenge for what the Saudi government has done or will do. So some of them have begun to buy weapons. And other groups of the youths fear that there will be a repeat in the Arabian Peninsula of that which occurred in Algeria, but at the same time they see that a great Fitnah and killing is about to take place, especially if the Saudi government continues to restrict the people of knowledge and Jihad. So they view that it is necessary for them to buy weapons, from handguns to explosives, and to train with them in order to defend themselves and their families in the event of a civil war or revolution or the like.

These youths have among those who answer their questions and share their concerns 'Ulama' whom they trust in terms of their knowledge, and who live in the Peninsula and witness the situation there and see it around them. However, as you know may Allah bless you the houses of these 'Ulama' have been besieged, and they have been led away to prison, to remain there for an indefinite period. This is if they are convicted of rebellion.

And the government has even fabricated lies about these 'Ulama', for when they arrested Shaykh 'Ali al-Khudhayr, Shaykh Nasir al-Fahd and Shaykh Ahmad al-Khalidi, they broadcast that they found along with these Mashayikh weapons and explosives! And before that, they accused them of founding a group called "The Muwahhideen for the overthrow of the Saudi government", and that they had a hand in the explosions that occurred in Riyadh, even though the Mashayikh may Allah preserve them had denied both accusations!

O Shaykh, the youths are confused and afraid at the same time. For they fear for themselves to even ask about what is obligatory upon them to do. And if they ask someone, the one who is asked will usually shy away from the question, and will summarise and not give details. The integrity of the Committee of Major Scholars (Hay'at Kibaril-'Ulama') has fallen in the eyes of many of the youths, and they look at any statement from the Committee of Major Scholars as if it is a statement from the Interior Ministry or another Ministry... for this reason, we hope that you will give us an explanation and advice.


All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists.

This is a big question... I wished that the Saudi regime would not push the youths to the extent that they would be forced to send the like of this question... and I have received many questions similar to it. I wished from the Saudi regime in observance of the sacredness of the two noble Haramayn, and its peaceful worshippers that it would not put itself in this position, and that it would leave us alone as we have left it alone, but it has insisted on brandishing the stick, and on mistreating us, and being an open enemy, and being a helper to the Tawagheet of the infidels in the world against the Muslim Muwahhideen from the people of the Peninsula and outside of it, in the name of "fighting terrorism"... even though they themselves are the masters of terrorism and criminality.

In order to answer this question, it is necessary to mention the following facts:

[1] The Saudi regime is a mixture of Haqq (truth) and Batil (falsehood). The Haqq aspect of it tends to be restricted to verbal claims, such as the outward symbols of Tawhid on their flag, and their claim that they are an Islamic, Salafi state, and that they implement the Islamic Shari'ah, and other than that from the great claims that we wish they were truthful in... and these continue to deceive many of the people!

As for their Batil, then it tends to manifest itself physically, in the real world... and it is clearer proof of the reality of their regime than what they claim with the tongue. And examples of this falsehood may be found in the following:

[a] It is a regime that does not rule by what Allah has revealed in every aspect of life, particular and general, rather it is a regime that rules by what Allah revealed in certain cases to the exclusion of other cases... it believes in part of the Book and disbelieves in part... and this may be noticed easily by anyone who would like to observe the Saudi legal system... and this contradicts many of the Shar'i texts that obligate referring the judgement back to the Book and the Sunnah in every aspects, as in the Saying of Allah (ta'ala) [meaning]:

"So if you differ in anything, then refer it back to Allah and the Messenger, in you really believe in Allah and in the Last Day. That is better, and more suitable for a final explanation."

So His Saying (ta'ala): "...in anything..." is a general term that indicates anything and everything in which people might differ.

It is an immature regime, convinced as it has been for a long time that it is not capable of relying on itself or its people for support,... So in the past, Al Sa'ud stretched out their hands to the British in order to help them strengthen their kingdom and authority against the Ikhwan movement, the followers of Shaykh Muhammad ibn 'Abdil-Wahhab (rahimahullah) and others... to the extent that the founder of the Saudi state used to receive a salary from the British, as one of his own grandsons clearly stated.

And today at the hands of the sons of 'Abdul-'Aziz the regime throws itself completely into the lap of America, going along with its policies, responding to its every desire in exchange that it (America) will protect and defend it (the Saudi regime), and not abandon it or work to change it... even though the Saudi regime if it was sincere in its claim to Islam, and that it is the protector of its territory would be able, with the aid of its religious population, and with the aid of the tremendous material resources it possesses, to organise one of the mightiest armies in the world, able to strike fear into the heart of America, an army possessing power and a firm 'Aqidah... however unfortunately they have not done any of that.

Its position is that of any other Arab regime... it does no more than to prepare an army to defend the ruling regime from its own people in the event of any attempt to change or oppose it... upon the principle "a lion against me, but an ostrich in war"!

It is a racist, nationalist regime that allies or opposes on the basis of relation with the nation. It divides rights and obligations among the slaves of Allah on the basis of relation with the Saudi nation and its borders, and not on the basis of relation with the 'Aqidah and the religion... in the same manner as any other Arab regime.

And this is clear Kufr (Kufr Bawah) as the Saudi Permanent Committee (al-Lajnah ad-Da'imah) for Ifta' have themselves said in one of their Fatawa: "Whoever does not distinguish between the Jews and the Christians and the other infidels and between the Muslims except by nationality, and makes all of their rulings equal, then he is a Kafir."

And they were correct in that, however our question to these esteemed ones is this: Is not the Saudi regime like this? Is it other than what you have described? Is it not that the Kafir, Zindeeq (heretic) Saudi because of his nationality and his connection with the Saudi state enjoys certain rights, favours, and privileges that "Shaykhul-Islam" from outside Sa'udiyyah does not?

The problem of single unmarried women has reached its peak, yet along with that according to the law the Saudi woman is not allowed to be married to a man with whose religion and character she is pleased if he does not belong to the borders of the Saudi nation... and likewise, the Saudi man is not allowed to marry outside Sa'udiyyah until he has reached a certain advanced age, along with fulfilling certain conditions, and after receiving special royal permission, for which Allah has not sent down any authority... the Messenger of Allah (sallallahu 'alayhi wa-sallam) spoke truly when he said: "If you do not (marry), there will be Fitnah and widespread evil in the earth."

[d] It is a regime which along with its army has not shown any support whether real or pretended towards any of the important issues facing the Muslims today... Show me a single Islamic Jihadi movement that wished to establish an Islamic life in their countries and lift the oppression of the Tawagheet, that the Saudi regime or its army - not the Muslim Saudi population provided help or support?

Hundreds of massacres of the Muslims have occurred in their countries... the lands usurped and the rights of the inhabitants violated... so what was the stance of the Saudi regime and its army? Nothing! The most they could do is to allow the Mashayikh to make Du'a' for the Muslims... or to collect a few monetary donations to pacify the anger of the people, and send them to the representative body of the state that is slaughtering the Muslims, as occurred when they sent the donations of the Saudi people to the Muslims in Chechnya via the murderous Russian state, so that it used this money to increase the atrocities and massacres that it was inflicting on the Muslims!

Tell me if only once that the Saudi regime and its army have ever shown anger for the sake of Allah and the 'Aqidah... just once!

The Hindus have been slaughtering the Muslims in India and Kashmir for years... yet along with that, the Saudi regime maintains perfect diplomatic and non-diplomatic ties with India!

The Muslims in Chechnya have been slaughtered at the hands of the Russian crusaders for years... yet along with that, the Saudi regime maintains perfect diplomatic ties with Russia!

The Muslims in the Philippines have been slaughtered for years at the hands of the Philippine crusaders... yet along with that, the Saudi regime maintains perfect diplomatic ties with the Philippines! And it seeks a helping hand from them, as if there was nothing wrong!

America invaded Afghanistan, and lately they invaded Iraq, and it is behind every massacre that is perpetrated at the hands of the Zionist Jews in Palestine... yet along with that, the Saudi regime maintains perfect diplomatic, economic, military and brotherly ties with America! And it gives away its petrol to America and to other countries, all of whom supply the Zionist occupation of Palestine... and today the Saudi regime is leading the Arabs with all its pomp and arrogance in a process of total surrender to the Zionist state of the Jews!

Even communist China... the Saudi regime has good diplomatic ties and friendship with it!

The list is extensive... Bring me a single state that wages war against Islam and the Muslims and how many of them there are from which the Saudi regime ever cut relations with because of its waging war against Islam and the Muslims... you will not find a single one!

A regime that shows no anger for the sake of Allah, not even once... and does not show alliance and enmity for Allah's sake, not even once... how can it be called Islamic? How?

How is it possible to harmonise between these facts and their claim that they rule by the Book and the Sunnah?

[e] It is a regime that does not hide its clear allegiance to the enemies of the Ummah in any battle that the enemy wages against the Ummah, and against Islam and the Muslims... Here is America, waging a vicious war against Islam and the Muslims, claiming that it is fighting "terrorism"... invading and occupying the Muslim lands... yet along with that it receives nothing from the Saudi regime except for concessions, and all types of support and aid... until it has even prevented the Muslims from even making Du'a' against America in their Masajid! And the news of the American military bases in the Arabian Peninsula is not far off from us!

[f] It is a regime that has abolished Jihad in the Way of Allah, indeed erased it from its vocabulary and thinking, it has waged war against its people and hunted them down, imprisoned their 'Ulama', and put together an army that has no other purpose but to protect the Saudi throne and the Saudi regime!

[g] The Saudi regime has entered into treaties, alliances, constitutions and organisations stemming from the United Nations and others... all of which oppose and contradict the Shari'ah of Allah (ta'ala).

[h] It is a regime that funds and hosts many TV channels that propagate immorality and Kufr, and likewise it funds and hosts many newspapers and magazines national, international, and local that propagate Kufr, atheism and secularism, and their names are well-known among the people... and it follows that it is responsible for them all, and everything that is propagated and broadcast therein!

It is a regime that when the king is insulted, or his high status called into question, the one who did so will be identified and dragged out from his hiding place, and subjected to the severest kinds of torture and imprisonment and penalties, and may even be killed... yet when Allah is insulted openly in broad daylight as in the worthless story "al-Karadeeb" written by the Saudi Zindeeq, Turki al-Hamd, in which he said: "So Allah and the Shaytan are two faces of a single invention"!! he is left without any objection or account, free to roam throughout the land as he wishes... and indeed, his books and stories full of Kufr and heresy are allowed to be printed by the Saudi state with complete freedom!!

Do you not see that if it was said: "Fahd or the crown prince and the Shaytan are two faces of a single invention" that the writer would be able to sleep a single night in his home? Or that his books would be allowed to be printed and distributed?!!

Is this how the "State of Tawhid" as they claim should be? The ruling king is greater and higher in status than Allah (ta'ala) may He be Exalted and Glorified?!!

And if it is said: Maybe the king or the crown prince does not know all of this?

I say: So how is it then that they know about everyone who speaks about their king and their ruler, or one of their princes, even if his speech is in secret on the telephone... yet they are unaware of what is written, printed, and distributed among the people?!!

Allah (ta'ala) spoke the truth about them when He said [meaning]:

[i]"And from the people are those who take rivals besides Allah, loving them as they love Allah. And those who believe have more love for Allah. And if the oppressors could see when they witness the torment, that all power belongs to Allah, and that Allah is Severe in torment."

And He (ta'ala) said [meaning]:

"What is wrong with you, that you give no reverence to Allah, when He has created you in stages?"

[j] The Saudi regime, represented by its rulers and princes, is instrumental in usurping the wealth and resources of the Ummah. So a part of it is poured into the pockets and the bellies of the rulers and princes, so that they can spend it on satisfying their desires and lusts as they pleases... and they are above being questioned or brought to account, no matter how much one of them might spend... and they are above being asked: "Where did you get that?"...

And a bigger part of that is poured into the pockets and the interests of the enemies of the Ummah... As for the helpless and oppressed people who cannot do anything, they are left to feed of the scraps that fall from the tables of these wasteful, oppressive Tawagheet!

So all of these faces together and there are many more that we have not mentioned bring us to the certain conclusion that the Saudi regime is an un-Islamic, Kafir regime... Islam is in one valley, and the regime of Al Sa'ud is in another valley. Likewise, everyone who supports, protects, and defends this regime from among the kings, princes and other than them from their associates who carry out their will, they are all Kuffar and apostates. And it is not befitting for anyone who knows the religion of Allah and who knows the reality of this regime and its supporters to doubt this fact.

And what we say regarding the Saudi regime, we likewise say the same regarding its oppressive army, for it is an army just like any of the other Arab armies, put together for the sole purpose of aiding the Tawagheet and defending their thrones and their interests. So it is an army that turns along with the desires of the ruling Taghut, with its allegiance and enmity based on that... making peace with whoever the Taghut makes peace, even if he is a Kafir at war against Islam and the Muslims, and making war with whoever the Taghut makes war, even if he is one of the best people on the earth.

It is unknown that it has ever waged a single battle in the Way of Allah, despite the abundance of battlefields... So it is impossible that an army of this description can be considered an Islamic army, even if most of its troops and commanders establish the Prayer, for this might save an individual among them, however it is impossible for us to describe or the army as a whole, with its organisation and purposes, as Islamic or to rule it as Islamic, or that it is the army that wages Jihad in the Way of Allah to make the Word of Allah superior!

[2] The foregoing ruling on the regime is a general one, and it does not imply by necessity the Kufr of everyone who argues on behalf of the regime or enters into its supporters; and this is due to the many misconceptions and illusions that people have regarding this regime, which are propagated by the Mashayikh and agents of the Sultan... Therefore, in order to apply this ruling to individuals it is necessary for the conditions of Takfeer to be fulfilled, along with the absence of any nullifying factors.

For many of those who argue of behalf of this regime are unaware of the realities that we have previously mentioned... and many of those who are aware of them do not believe them... and many of those who do believe them are unaware that they are Mukaffirah (i.e. take a person out of Islam and make him a Kafir)... and many of those who know that they are Mukaffirah will say to you: "I follow our great Mashayikh, they know more than me or you, and they have given me a Fatwa different to what you have given and explained"... and all of this needs to be taken into account when applying a ruling to individuals from among the people who argue on behalf of this regime and on behalf of the Tawagheet ruling this regime!

[3] It is not allowed to take the foregoing ruling on the regime and apply it to the whole Saudi society or its organisations, for the Saudi society is a Muslim society, and its people are predominantly religious and they establish the Prayer, and to Allah belongs all praise.

[4] Some of the mistakes of the people of knowledge regarding this regime are due to a number of matters:

[a] One of them is that many of the Mashayikh and Du'at see only the good side of the regime, and they do not want to see from it other than this side, neither to hear from it except from this side... Therefore, you see one of them when he speaks, saying: "The Waliyyul-Amr may Allah preserve him! ordered the building of the Masajid... and printing the Masahif... and building schools for memorising the Qur'an... and he ordered the printing of such-and-such book at his own personal expense..." And he will say more than once: "We rule by the Book and the Sunnah... and all praise is due to Allah that He has granted us an Imam and a king like this!"

And it has escaped these unaware ones, who have strayed and caused others to stray, that the regime is incapable of doing more than the aforementioned things... and what they have mentioned about their regime is also done and claimed by many of the secularist, infidel Arab regimes, maybe moreso!

Another of them is that many of the Saudi Mashayikh and Du'at compare the situation of the other Arab regimes, and how their people suffer from religious persecution, with the Saudi regime... and one of them comes to the conclusion that the Saudi regime is a thousand times better than those regimes... and from there he begins to be happy with the regime, and maybe he might increase in his attachment to it, so he goes astray and leads others astray!

And we admit that the Saudi regime, despite its faults that we mentioned before, is better than many of the other Arab regimes... but this does not allow us to attach ourselves to or be happy with a Kafir regime, even if it the least in Kufr compared to the other regimes... So the issue in truth is a comparison between Kufr and a greater Kufr, or between greater Kufr and a Kufr even greater that it... and the issue does not go beyond this.

Another of them is that there are those from among the Mashayikh and Du'at who live outside Sa'udiyyah, due to their need to perform the obligation of Hajj, and their affection for visiting the noble Haramayn, so you see them preferring to keep silent regarding the crimes of the regime and its acts of Kufr... and maybe they will compromise and exaggerate... so they go astray and lead others astray... and there is no strength or power except with Allah.

[5] So if it is said: Does the Kufr of the regime necessitate going out (Khuruj) against it? (i.e. fighting it and overthrowing it)

I say: Yes, from the Shar'i perspective it is Wajib (obligatory) to go out against it, however from the practical perspective, this has certain conditions, stages, and necessary preparations, and I do not see that it should be done before the fulfillment of these conditions, stages and necessary preparations. And one of them is that the idea of going out against the Kufr regimes should be the dominant idea among the majority of the Muslims.

And until the time that these are fulfilled, there is no objection according to the Shari'ah if you find the ability and are safe from a greater evil occurring to acting on this, by eliminating on an individual basis those whose Fitnah is threatening the lands and the people, from among the ruling Tawagheet of Kufr and injustice, and putting the people and the land to rest from them... for eliminating one of the ruling Tawagheet of Kufr and injustice and removing him from the path of the people is easier than effecting a rebellion and overthrowing the entire regime along with all of its special organisations!

[6] So if it is said: What about the Mabahith (the intelligence services), the security services, the Mukhabarat, the agents of the regime... what is the stance towards them?

I say: The Mabahith and the agents of the Mukhabarat are the guard dogs of the Taghut who stay up to protect the Taghut and his rule and his oppression... I do not advise dealing with them nor with other than them from the guard dogs of the rulers, except one whose Fitnah has grievously afflicted the land and the people especially in lands such as the Arabian Peninsula, for fear of widening the circle of the conflict, falling into what is forbidden, frightening the peaceful people except in the case of self-defence... So if they catch up with you, O brother Mujahid, and seek to kill you or imprison you and persecute you away from your religion, then by all means deal with them... fight them with a clear heart, facing them and not retreating, and if they kill you while you are defending yourself and your religion and your honour then you will be from the people of Paradise... and if you kill them while they are implementing the orders of the Taghut by killing you or arresting you or persecuting you away from your religion then they are in the Hell-fire, as is mentioned in the authentic Hadeeth.

With this I answer your question and the question of all of the other brothers who asked questions similar to yours...

And all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all that exists.

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