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Hot Times in North America

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

By Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick

All praises to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Surely the best reward is for those who have taqwa and surely there is no animosity except for the oppressor. I bear witness that Allah is one and has no partners, and I bear witness that Muhammad ibn Abdullah is his servant and Last Messenger. May Allah send blessings and peace to Muhammad, his Family, his Companions and all those who call to his way and establish the Sunnah until the Day of Judgment. As to what follows:

Oh you who believe, Allah Almighty has revealed the Qur'an to humanity through His chosen Apostle Muhammad. It was a clear message that spoke directly to the needs of the Muslims fourteen hundred years ago and will remain relevant until the final Hour. Allah has said, "Oh you who believe, fear Allah in the way He should be feared and do not die except as Muslims and hold fast to the Rope of Allah and be not divided." (3:102)

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the living expression of the Qur'an, for not only was he blessed with the ability to express profound meaning in a few words, but he was guided to embody the Divine law in his life. His words still exactly describe our condition. The Prophet (pbuh) was reported to have said, "The main reasons why people will enter Paradise are the Consciousness of Allah (Taqwa-Allah) and good character, and the main reasons why people will enter the Hell Fire are the mouth and the private parts." (Tirmidhi)

Oh you who believe, the summer heat has finally come to the whole of North America. In the Northern countries, summer has historically brought increased activity, heightened emotions and extreme behavior. Most of the wars, revolutions and major riots in North America took place in the warm weather. In cities where winter forces people to cover their bodies, the summer brings out a perverted sense of freedom (freedom to do wrong). In Ontario, laws are being passed to allow women to walk the streets "topless." Already, bizarre displays of nakedness have appeared throughout the society.

Summer in Toronto, and many big cities of the West, has also exposed a new level of Christian propaganda and assault. I was shocked when I returned from East Africa in May to find Muslim families in a desperate struggle to save their children from leaving their homes and their faith! In Kenya, the Pope and the forces of Christianity vowed last year to change Africa into a Christian continent by the year 2000 CE. Crosses with red fluorescent lighting are being raised on the skyline of Mombasa, Kenya and other traditionally Islamic cities. In Mirti (Northeastern Kenya), Muslim youth are being called to a Christian worship center called "Makkah Center," which is shaped like a masjid, five times a day. In Mauritania and Somalia, teenagers are given visas and scholarships to America while families are being introduced to the West through free satellite dishes and promises of a paradise on earth. Unemployment, lack of opportunity, drugs, and confusion in the Muslim community over minor issues are driving generations of Islam to a state of despair and rebellion. But now the attack is coming openly in the West, the lands of so-called democracy and freedom of religion. Muslim children are being taught to question and rebel against all forms of authority and morality. Homosexuality and sexual promiscuity is sadly increasing among Muslims.

The traditions concerning homosexuality are frightening. The Prophet (pbuh) said,"Verily, I fear for my Ummah, more than anything else, the deeds of the people of Lut (pbuh), homosexuality." (Abu Dawood, Al-Tirmithi: Sahih). He also said, "If homosexuality abounds, Allah will raise His hand from the Creation. He (Allah) will not care about where they will be destroyed." (At-Tabarani)

So, we need to be aware of the actions that Allah curses and how to avoid them. The Sahabah would always look to themselves in time of calamity. They would try to find out which "Sunnah" they had abandoned or which error they had not corrected. Allah says, "Surely Allah will not change the condition of a people till they change that which is within themselues."(13:11) Muslims should recognize the blessings they have just by being exposed to Qur'an and Sunnah in these times. We need to stop blaming others and start taking responsibility for our present state.

The enemies of Islam are studying hard and trying to understand what makes an Islamic society and civilization develop. The secular world is in crisis for their godless science and morality has resulted in massive pollution and the advent of new seemingly incurable virusues. Allah tells us, "Verily we have sent amongst every people a Messenger with the command to worship Allah and avoid evil and false gods. Of the people were some whom Allah guided and some who were inevitably lost so travel in the earth and see what was the end of those who denied truth." (16: 36) Islam is not a new way of life. It is the essence of the early religion of the First Nations people of America and the earliest inhabitants of Africa. It is the very law of the Creator that all creation submit to.

The Sun and Moon in their orbits, the ants and bees in their nests; all follow the natural way of Allah.

Let us never forget that Shaitan has promised Allah to tempt us till the Day of Judgment. His call is open but his tricks are deceiving. Allah says, "Verily that is the Shaitan who puts fear into the hearts of his friends and helpers, so fear him not but fear Me, if you are truly Believers," (3:175) Allah also reminds us, "The Shaitan threatens you with poverty and commands you to sexual immorality, but Allah promises you forgiveness and bounties. And Allah is all encompassing and has knowledge of all affairs. (2:268) Take these few moments and the life that Allah has given you and forgive your fellow Muslim. Join ranks with all of the People of the "Qiblah" and take Islam as a complete way of live.

Let us spend time with out children and provide alternative recreation and sports. Islamic education has become a must, not an added blessing. The Islamic state has to be first established at home before we can take it to the world. And what about internal change and interpersonal relations. I leave you with a rarely discussed authentic tradition of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). All ibn Abi Talib (ra) was reported to have said, "When I took possession of the weapons of Allah's Messenger, I found in the hilt of his sword a parchment saying, Keep relations with those who cut you off, do good to those who treat you badly and speak the truth-even if it is against yourself." (Jami' al-Jawami)

May Allah send His choicest blessings and peace to our beloved Prophet Muhammad, his family and all of his Companions. And May He not lead us astray after He has guided us aright. Surely Allah is Oft-forgiving and Most Merciful.

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Source: The Message

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