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Conditions for al-Mubaah to Become an Act of Worship

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Shaykh Nathim Sultan

1 -- Al-Mubaah (the permissible) acts, such as walking, eating, standing and wearing clothes, should not be considered acts of worship themselves. This is why the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, criticized Abu Israel when he saw him standing in the sun. When he asked why he was standing, they told him, "This is Abu Israel! He made a vow to stand and not sit down, to avoid the shade, to keep silent and to fast." The Prophet said, "Order him to speak, seek the shade, sit down and let him continue his fast (which is the only act of worship Abu Israel vowed to perform)." [Abou Dawood, ibn Majah & others, also al-Bukhari related the Hadith without mentioning standing in the sun]

2 -- When Al-Mubaah is a means of performing acts of worship. Ibn Ash-Shaat said, "When one intends to be stronger and able to perform the various acts of worship by performing the Mubaah, such as eating, sleeping and earning money, it (each of these permissible acts) will become an act of worship." It must be noted here, however, that Al-Ezz ibn Abd As-Salam said that in this case, the Muslim will only gain a reward for the intention and not for the act itself. Ibn Taymiyyah said, "One should only perform the acts of Al-Mubaah that will enable him to perform acts of worship, and should also intend by doing them to be able to perform the acts of worship."

3 -- To perform Al-Mubaah believing that it is legislated by Allah. When the Muslim performs Al-Mubaah, he should do so believing that Allah has permitted it for him. Allah likes that His permissibles be made use of, just as He likes that one fulfills His obligations. Also, Allah does not accept from one to be difficult with himself, going to the extreme and becoming like monks. What Islam legislates is the middle and the best way to demonstrate and prove one's slavery to Allah. One conducts himself according to a complete, yet reasonable set of codes of conduct. The Halal is what Allah has made Halal, the Haram is what Allah has made Haram and Al-Mubaah is what Allah has made Al-Mubaah. Those who treat Al-Mubaah in this manner will gain Allah-s reward, Allah willing.

4 -- When an act of worship is conditionally permitted (Mubaah), like voluntary fasts, then one is not allowed to exhaust or physically harm himself by going to the extreme with regards to this Mubaah. In this case, it is an obligation that one breaks his fast and eat and drink to save himself from harm. If he does not do this, then he may be punished for harming himself. On the other hand, if people abandon and avoid various Mubaahs, such as marriage, commerce, agriculture or industry, they will all be committing a sin. These areas are required in our Muslim Nation.

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