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Signs of a Good End to One's Life

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

By Shaikh ‘Alee Ibn Hasan 'Abdul-Hameed Al-Halabee

It is established from the Prophet, sallallaahu `alayhi wa sallam, that he informed us of a number of clear signs that a person has concluded his life upon good, and we ask Allaah, the One free of all imperfections, that He grant us that. So any person who dies in one of these ways then it is glad tidings for them, and how excellent this is:

(1) Pronouncing the Shahaadah (i.e. La ilaaha illallaah) when dying.
(2) Dying with sweat upon the brow.
(3) Dying on the night preceding or the day of Friday.
(4) Martyrdom upon the battlefield. [This martyrdom, may Allaah grant it to us, is to be hoped for by everyone who prays for it sincerely, even if he is not able to die upon the battlefield, as occurs in the authentic hadeeth]
(5) Death due to plague.
(6) Death due to stomach illness.
(7) Death by drowning.
(8) Death due to a building falling upon him.
(9) Death of a woman during pregnancy due to the child.
(10) Death through consumption/tuberculosis.
(11) Death whilst defending the Deen or one's person.
(12) Death whilst defending one's property from robbers.
(13) Death whilst defending the frontiers of Islaam.
(14) Death whilst doing a righteous action.
(15) Death in a fire.

People's Praise of the Deceased

(1) If a group of truthful Muslims speak in praise of the deceased, their number being two or more of the people of piety and knowledge who lived near to and knew the deceased, then Paradise is assured for him.

(2) If a person dies at the time of an eclipse of the sun or moon, then that does not indicate anything. The belief that it shows the importance of the deceased is a false superstition of the times of Ignorance.

Courtesy Of: Islaam.com
Source: Based on "Ahkaam ul-Janaa'iz" of Sh. N. Al-Albaani

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