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Ensure Benefiting From Time

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Khaled Al-Jeraisy

It is absolutely necessary for Muslims to be careful about time. The Muslim is required to utilize and invest his time in what benefits him in this world and the Hereafter. In this regard, he can follow the good example set by the Righteous Salaf. They were so careful that in less than a century they were able to make radical changes in the societies into which they introduced Islam.

The Righteous Salaf made sure that no time, however short it was, passed without doing something useful, such as acquiring useful knowledge, doing good deeds, helping other Muslims and serving or advising the Ummah (nation). Remarking Imam Hammad Ibn-Salama Al-Basry's [a grammarian] meticulous care for time, Musa Ibn-Ismaeel said, "It is unbelievable! I have never seen Hammad laugh at all. He was always busy explaining the Hadith, praying, reading or praising the Lord. This is how he spent his day. Abdurrahman Al-Mahdi [Abdurrahman Ibn-Mahdi Ibn-Hassan Ibn-Abdurrahman, a critic and an able reciter; he was considered a good model for knowledge and work. See: Shamsuddeen Adh-Dhahabi, ”Biographies of Noble Scholars”, 9/192-193.] said: "If you were to tell Hammad, 'You are going to die tomorrow', there would be nothing he could add to what he is already doing." [Abu-Hajjaj Yusuf Al-Mizzi, “Tahdheeb Al-Kamal fi Asma' Arrijal”, in Arabic, investigated by B. A. Ma'ruf, 1992, Vol. 7, p. 265.]

Regretting the time he spent eating, Shumait Ibn-Ajlan [Abu-Naeem Al-Asbahani, “Hilyatul-Awliya'wa Tabaqat Al-Asfiya'“ (The Pious Friends' Ornaments and Classes of the Pure), in Arabic, investigated by Mustafa Abdul-Qadir Ata, 1418, 3/149] said, "By Allah, the time I hate most is that which I spend eating." How conscious of time! [Ibid, 3509, 3/151]

Once a wise man said, "If you spend one day on other than carrying out justice, performing obligatory worship, achieving some gain, praising the Lord, establishing something good or acquiring knowledge, you have been ungrateful to your day and have wronged yourself." [Abdurra`uf Al-Minawi, “Faidh Al-Qadeer bi Sharh Al-Jami` Assagheer”, 6/288]

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Source: Time Management - An Islamic View

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