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Inni La Ashadu (I Bear Witness)

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


إنـــي لأشــــهد أنهـــم من كــل بــتار أحـــدّ
Inni La Ashadu Annahum... Min kulli Battaarin Ahaddu
I Bear Witness That Each Of Them Was Sharper Than A Cutting Sword

يا طالما خاضوا الصعاب وطالما صالوا وشدو
Ya Taala Ma Khaadus Si3aaba... Wa Taala Ma Saalu Washaddu
Tribute To Those Who Jumped Into Troubles And Made Fierce Attacks

شتان، شتان بين الذين لربهم باعوا النفوسـ
Shattaan... Shattaana Baynal Lazeena Li Rabbihim... Baaun Nufoosa
Huge Difference Is Between The Common People And Those Who Have Sold Their Lives To Their Lord

الباسمين إلى الردى والسيف يرمقهم عبوسا
Al Baasimeena Izar Rada... Was Sayfu Yarmukuhum Aboosa
They Took A Smiling Look At Death, While Swords Gazed At Them Frowningly

الناصبين صــــدورهم من دون دعوتهم تروسا
An Nasibeena Sudoorahum...Min Dooni Da3watihim Turoosa
They Turned Their Chests Into Shields For The Cause Of Islam

إن أطــبقت ســدف الظـلام وعضنا ناب أكـول
In Atbaqat Sudufus Zalaam...Wa Adhanaa Naabun Aqool
When The Shell Of Darkness Closed And A Wild Beast Bit Us

وديارنا طفحت دما ومضى بها الباغي يصـول
Wa Diyaarunaa Tafahat Daman...Wa Madha Bihal Baaghi Yasool
While Our Lands Were Bleeding And The Oppressors Were Making Fierce Attacks

ومن الميـادين اختـفت لُمـع الأسنـة والخيـــول
Wa Minal Mayaadinikh Tafat...Luma'ul Asinnati Wal Khuyool
When The Shining Of Spears And Neighing Of Horses have Faded From The Battlefield

وعـلت على الأنـات أنـغام المـعازف والطـبول
Wa3lat Alal Annaati...Anghaamul Ma'aazifi Wat Tubool
When The Crying Was Drowned Out By The Sounds Of Drums And Trumpets

هــــبت عواصفـهم تدك صـروحه ولـــه تــقول
Habbat Awaasifuhum...Taduqqu Surookhahu Walahu Taqool
At That Moment, They Rose Like A Storm And Brought Down The Enemy's Palaces And Told him:

لن نـــوقـــف الغـارات حتى عن مرابعنا تزول
Lan Nooqifal Ghaaraati Khatta...An Marabi3naa Tazool
We Will Never Stop Attacking You Until You Pull Out Of Our Homes

Shaykh Yasir Burhami on the Death of Shaykh Usama Bin Laden

All praise is due to Allah and may the peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah.

The entire world is congratulating Obama and the US…As for myself, then I congratulate Usama – if what they say is true about his death – for indeed, you have obtained what you desired!

You did not leave your palaces and your wealth behind to go the rugged mountaintops and caves except to attain this ending. I also congratulate all the Mujahideen for indeed your companion was killed with his head held high, not submitting to the enemies of Allah. He died honourably in a time of change and revolution…I ask Allah to accept him from amongst the martyrs.

Having said that, we did differ with him in many issues, such as where the priority of our work should lie, the permissibility of the actions that some who ascribe themselves to him have done in the Muslim world as well as the west such as 9/11 etc. Despite that, I cannot hold myself but to be absolutely certain that he wanted victory for Islam and to restore honour for the Muslims and that he was despised by the enemies of this religion and someone who loved Jihad in the way of Allah, whether he was correct or mistaken in his opinions.

Celebrations are being seen in the west due to his death, but perhaps celebrations are in store in the heavens for his arrival – if the news is true – for Allah (swt) says:

“And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision. Rejoicing in what Allah has bestowed upon them of His bounty, and they receive good tidings about those [to be martyred] after them who have not yet joined them - that there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve.” (3:169-170)

Bush explicitly declared his war of crusades and as a result occupied Afghanistan and Iraq for the expensive price of the blood of our martyrs and injured, but despite that the unequivocal reality is that the spirit of Jihad is still alive in the Ummah and that it will not surrender to its enemy…

Indeed for the spirit of Jihad to remain, it sets a heavy cost upon us and this incident has only proven to actualise the promise of the Prophet (saw) who said: “This religion will continue to remain established with a group from the Muslims fighting until the hour is established.” (Muslim), and I consider that the Taliban and those who are fighting with them to be from this group.

Moreover, the assassinations and murders that the US have become so accustomed to that are done in the name of terrorism, that is what they have ended up doing so evidently as if other states have no sovereignty over their own lands!

Let us therefore know the scales the west use in the likes of Gitmo, Abu Ghuraib and the secret prisons in Afghanistan to determine how they understand and implement human rights! Or is it the case that they do not consider Muslims to fall under the species of ‘humans’? And I think that is the case!

A lot of pain and effort did he sacrifice, however it was all done in order to actualise the words of Allah:

“Thus do We expound the revelations that the way of the criminals may be manifest.” (6:55).

So let every person know his standing and the truth of his loyalty.

There remains to be said: the right to resist occupation and for the people to assist in that has been sanctioned by the shariah and even international law. The Muslim nation will not stop due to the death of a person - who had such distinguishing leadership skills in the field of Jihad – their path to realize their freedom and their desire to live by their faith. However we reiterate that it is compulsorily to adhere to the principles of the shariah with regard to the rulings of Jihad. Thus we should not break any covenants, nor mutilate or kill any women or children even if they - the disbelievers - were to do so.

As for them throwing his corpse into the sea as they claim, then this is something that cannot harm him, rather it will only raise his ranks and status by the persmission of Allah. However, what does become apparent by such an incident is the ugly face of America, which knows no sanctity to life or death!

This in reality will only bolster people’s love for him even amongst those who condemned some of his actions. This will also increase their hatred for America even amongst those who were sympathetic towards them due to the sufferings they faced.

Finally, we ask Allah (swt) to accept him from the martyrs and that He accept his good deeds and that He overlooks his mistakes he had.

Original Arabic here: http://www.anasalafy.com/play.php?catsmktba=25906


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