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“Do not look except to the sky…”

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

1 – Ibn Jad’an reported:

“‘Umar heard a man supplicating: “O Allah! Make me from the few!”

So, ‘Umar asked him: “O slave of Allah! And who are the few?”

The man answered: “I heard Allah Say: {“…and none believed with him except a few…”} and {“…and few of My slaves are thankful…”}.”

So, ‘Umar said: “Everyone is more knowledgeable than ‘Umar!”

[''Uluww al-Himmah'; p. 41]

2 – Sufyan bin ‘Uyaynah said:

“Traverse the paths of the truth, and do not be discouraged by the small number of people who do the same.”

[''Uluww al-Himmah'; p. 41]

3 – al-Fudayl bin ‘Iyad said:

“Stick to the path of guidance, and do not be hurt by the small number of people who take this path, and beware of the path of misguidance, and do not be fooled by the large number of people who destroy themselves on this path.”

[''Uluww al-Himmah'; p. 41]

4 – Sulayman ad-Darani said:

“If every single person began to have doubt in the truth, I would remain certain in it by myself.”

[''Uluww al-Himmah'; p. 42]

5 – Some of the righteous people said:

“Your being alone on the path to what you seek is a proof of your sincerity in seeking that thing.”

[''Uluww al-Himmah'; p. 42]

6 – Ibn Taymiyyah said:

…in regards to the verse: {“Verily, Ibrahim was a nation unto himself, obedient and pure.”} [an-Nahl; 120] “Meaning, he was the only believer, and the rest of the people were all disbelievers.”

['Majmu' al-Fatawa'; 11/436]

7 – Dr. Muhammad Ahmad ar-Rashid said:

“As for the strangeness of the strangers mentioned in the hadith: “…glad tidings for the strangers,” then this is a strangeness in relation to the reality around a person. Meaning, glad tidings to them because of the rarity of such people, and their small number within the ocean of misguidance. As for the world of emotions and feelings, then the single believer has, in his belief, a close friend and companion that relieves the feeling of strangeness.”

['al-Muntalaq'; p. 236]

8 – Ibn al-Qayyim said:

“[Such a person] does not become disheartened by those who differ from and oppose him, as they are lesser in importance and significance, even if they might be greater in number, as some of the Salaf said: “Traverse the paths of the truth, and do not be discouraged by the small number of people who do the same.” Every time you feel disheartened by your being alone on this path, then look to those who came before you and strive to catch up with them, and turn away from everyone else, as they will not benefit you in the least with Allah. If you happen to see them somewhere along the path that you are upon, then do not turn to look at them, for if you do so, they will distract you and simply delay your progress.”

['Madarij as-Salikin'; 1/21]

9 – Sayyid Qutb said:

My brother, do not look back * Your path has been covered in blood
And do not look look here or there * And do not look except to the sky

['Diwan Sayyid Qutb']

Courtesy of Iskandrani

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