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The Development of Tawhd In One's Heart

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Tawhd is a tree which grows in the heart of a believer. Its branches tower, increasing it in growth. Its beauty increases whenever it is watered with obedience. This draws the slave closer to his Rabb, developing a sense of love and fear for his creator. The hope and reliance upon Him develops further and like this the actualization of Tawhd is achieved, entirely. It is not achieved through wishful thinking and nor through empty claims devoid of reality. It actualizes and settles in the heart due to that which is within it, from belief, faith and the realities of excellence (Ihsn) manifest themselves in fine mannerisms and lofty righteous actions.

Here are some of the means through which the development of Tawhd can take place in the heart:

1 - Actions of obedience, to gain that which is desired by Allh.

2 - Abandoning sins, due to the fear of Allhs punishment.

3 - Reflecting over the kingdom of the heavens and the earth.

4 - Understanding the names of Allh and His attributes. Knowing what they entail, their effects and their indication to the majesty of Allh; and his perfection.

5 - Acquiring beneficial knowledge and acting upon it.

6 - Reciting the Qurn whilst reflecting over it, by understanding its meaning and what it intends.

7 - Coming closer to Allh the Most high by voluntary deeds, after the obligatory ones.

8 - Constantly remembering Allh, (making Dhikr) in every circumstance by both the tongue and heart.

9 - Giving preference for what is loved and more favourable to Allh.

10 - Contemplating over the blessings of Allh, both the apparent and hidden. By looking at the kindness, righteousness and blessings he has placed between His slaves.

11 - To have a humble heart in the hands of Allh and expressing ones need for Him.

12 - Secluding oneself with Allh during the last third of the night when Allh descends to the lowest heaven. Recite Qurn during this period and finish it off by seeking forgiveness (al-Istighfr) and repentance (at-Tawbah).

13 - Sitting in the gatherings of the people that do good and are righteous. With those that are sincere and love Allh Almighty, this will help you benefit from their speech, as well as their characteristics.

14 - Stay away from all the means which diverts your heart from Allh.

15 - Leave inquisitive speech, eating a lot, mixing between the people and looking around too much (at things which are prohibited or do not benefit).

16 - To love for your brother, that which you love for yourself. And you strive your utmost in trying to put that into practice.

17 - Having this peace and integrity towards the Muslims. Free from jealousy, hatred, envy, arrogance, pride or any other kinds of self-conceit.

18 - Being content in the decree of Allh.

19 - Giving thanks when Allh bestows his grace upon you and being patient in the face of trials or affliction.

20 - Returning to Allh (in repentance) when you commit any sin.

21 - Doing plenty of good, righteous actions. Having good mannerisms and keeping your ties of kinship.

22 - Following the example of the Prophet in every small and big matter.

23 - Jihd in the path of Allh.

24 - Making ones food pure.

25 - Commanding the good and forbidding the evil.

[Rasil ash-Shaykh Muhammad bin Ibrhm al-Hamd Fl-Aqdah; Vol. 2, P.19-20]

By: Muhammad b. Ibrhm

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