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A Descriptive Record of the Tatar Invasion of Muslim lands

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

By Imam Ibn al-Atheer

Ibn al-Atheer's descriptive record of their ungodliness and destruction is truly vivid; he said:

"I have for several years restrained myself from mentioning the Tatar event, the remembrance of which causes me to shudder. Even now I hesitate to recall it, for who can write an epitaph for Islam and the Muslims? Who can find it possible to recount the tragedy? Oh, that my mother had not given me birth, or that I had died before this moment; Yet, I have been urged by a group of friends to outline a record of the event, and find that to decline their request would benefit me nothing...It was such a great catastrophe the like of which the days and the nights are too sterile to produce. It swept all of mankind, but particularly the Muslims. If it is said that since Creation there has been nothing like it the saying would be true. Histories have never seen its likeness; and may Future never bring about anything approximating it until the Final Destruction of the world by Gog and Maggog [Armagiddon]...They [The Tatar] sparned no one: they killed men, women, and children. They cut open the wombs of those with child. They destroyed unborn babies...They killed and robbed and vanadalized. Even Alexander who, by the concensus of historians, ruled the world, did not invade it as rapidly and as rampantly as these. It took him twenty years, but for them the ravage took less than a year. He did not kill or terrorize, he only subjected the world to his obedience. They ravaged and destroyed. Neither they nor their animals had a sense of discrimination or discernment of what they ate. They knew neither marriage nor fatherood." Ibn al-Atheer, Al-Kaamil fee al-Taareekh, Vol XII, pp 137-8

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