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The Many Dangers of the Tongue

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful


May Allah, the Most High assist us to purify our tongues, and avoid its evil consequences. According to Ibn`Umar, the thing that needs the most purification by any person, is his tongue. Let us guard our tongues from these evils, lest our works be destroyed. Remember the statement of the Prophet (peace be upon him) to Mu`aadh, may Allah be pleased with him: "...then he (peace be upon him) said "Shall I not tell you of what control all that? I said: "Yes, O Messenger of Allah, and he took hold of his tongue and said: "Restrain this. " I said "O Prophet of Allah, will what we say be held against us? He (peace be upon him) said: "May your mother be bereaved for you, O Mu'adh! Is there anything that topples people on their faces - or he said on their noses - into the Hell fire, other than the harvest of their tongues. "


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