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Taking Hold of the Beard and Removing What is More than a Handful

In the Name of Allâh, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Author: Ibn Abee Shaybah
Source: Al-Musannaf (trans. by Dawud Burbank)
Ibn Abee Shaybah narrates in his mussannaf, (5/225-226):

Ghundar narrated to us, from Shu'bah, from Mansoor who said, "I heard Ataa ibn Abee Rabaah (the taabi'ee) saying, 'They used to like to leave the beard except in Hajj or Umrah, and Ibraaheem used to take from the sides of his beard.'"

And he narrates, 'Aa'idh ibn Habeeb narrated to us, from Ash'ath, from al-Hasan (i.e., al-Basree) who said, "They used to allow for what was in excess of what is gripped by the hand of the beard, that it be taken from."

And he narrates, Aboo Aamir al-Aqdee narrated to us, from Aflah who said, al-Qaasim (the taabi'ee) when he shaved his head would take from his beard and moustache."

And he narrates, Alee ibn Haashim and Wakee narrtaed to us, from Ibn Abee Laylaa, from Naafi, from Ibn Umar, "That he used to take what was above a hands grip." Wakee said, "What was in excess of a hands-grip."

And he narrates, Wakee narrated to us, from Aboo Hilaal who said, "I asked al-Hasan (i.e., al-Basree) and Ibn Seereen who both said, "There is no harm for you to take from the length of your beard."

And he narrates, Wakee narrated to us, from Sufyaan, from Mansoor, from Ibraaheem (an-Nakha'ee) who said, "They used to take something from and tidy their beards and take from the sides."

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